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The story and the people behind Dunelm Business Consultants

When it becomes apparent that your leadership capability is being challenged, either for one person or a whole team, our team is experienced and ready to help you forge your way to a sustainable solution.


We’re in the business of challenging people and their thinking around their strategic leadership and communication skill and will be there to support you through your personal journey of improvement 


Our international award-winning team of professionals has more than 30 years of experience in developing people in leadership skill, and it is the reason why business owners and senior executives work with us and continue to do so since we set up our organisation in 2010.


We have integrity, confidentiality and broad experience at the core of everything and we believe the journey of developing your leadership brand should not only be challenging and take you out of your comfort zone, but be enjoyable and satisfying too.


JT Leavesley Ltd

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"When members of your team stagnate having hit a ‘brick wall’ in their ability, but you know they can achieve more, ask Karen. She will unlock their true potential, and it is wonderful to see them flying high again. 

Karen and her team, have rejuvenated senior management leaders and whole department teams within the Group.  

She is the hidden sensation that has transformed our results in recent years."

James Leavesley
Care First Ltd

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"Our growth has necessitated the directors to develop the management team and engaging Dunelm Business Consultant has proven an extremely worthwhile decision. Developing leaders is not a simple task and what Dunelm provide is the expertise, independence and focus. They enabled us, as owner/directors, to make the brave step of starting to delegate key roles to those members of the team that show various qualities that can be developed and encouraging those individuals to grow as leaders of the business. The approach is really supportive, with Dunelm getting to understand us as a business, encouraging the participants (the directors and senior staff) and helping us to accept and work with our different styles and abilities. The whole process is like going on an expedition, not knowing how we are going to interact, how we will cope with the challenges along the way and coping with the uncertain outcome. Dunelm ensured that we learnt a lot about each other, changed our views on many things and built trust between the team. This will be a continuous journey because we will never arrive. We will be striving to improve, through all the challenges, a sustainable and rich blend of management talent for the future. Karen’s personality is very engaging but also challenging. Her ability to tease out issues and demonstrate leadership tools is exceptional and we would highly recommend Dunelm to any organisation wishing to develop their leadership or management team."

Chris Winter
The Manufacturing Technology Centre

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"I used to think that I could not have a family and a career but in the last four years I have had two kids and two promotions, and I am loving it! Karen Tracey helped me to recalibrate my ambitions. Karen’s coaching gave me self discipline and self awareness. She gave me a set of tools that I have used to make the most out of my limited time and make more things happen for the business and for myself. I could not possibly have got where I have without her support."

Dr. Katy Milne,
Chief Engineer
The Manufacturing Technology Centre

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"The Manufacturing Technology Centre is a research and technology organisation focused on accelerating and de-risking the development of innovative manufacturing capability so that UK industry can safely adopt the technology and gain advantage over its global competitors. The company’s growth through the 8 years since it was formed has been exponential and it now employs over 600 staff, with 20-30% year-on-year growth anticipated in the medium term. With this growth comes significant challenges in the development of the management and leadership skills across the business, and the need for specialist coaching and mentoring. Over the past 5 years, Karen Tracey of Dunelm Business Consultants has worked with the MTC on a number of assignments ranging from coaching the senior executive team to working individually with promising, but inexperienced, team leaders. As part of my own development into a Director with responsibility for the management of 300 engineers, I have twice had periods of leadership coaching with Karen, benefiting from her broad management knowledge and experience, allied with her creative thoughts and explanations of appropriate new tools and techniques to use. As an individual, Karen exudes positivity and passion for what she does and for what her clients can personally achieve, which I have found has taken my own self-confidence and performance as a leader beyond what I recognised I could achieve. I have also asked her to take on assignments for me to help develop two cadres of managers that work for me and seen very significant developments of, and received many thanks and compliments about her coaching from - these staff. Above all, Karen helps you understand yourself and others and I will not hesitate to use her again in the future."

Jonathon Shaw
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