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Sometimes, when things are complex, the organisation is changing and the dynamic nature of things means that you just can't get a solution to a problem, getting your team together in a workshop is the way forward. Our approach is to facilitate the discussion to take the pressure off you and create the right dialogue and environment to discuss where you are, identify some solutions and come up with a plan. Bringing in an outside, objective and trained facilitator is sometimes the key to unlock these problems and we are experienced and trained to do this. 




Working with business to improve their leadership effectiveness is something we have been doing for many years. Either you don't have the internal skill to fix some of your issues or for a particular reason, it may not be right or prudent to use your internal talent. Our approach is to understand and work with you to diagnose the problem, agree the actions that should take place, work with you to create an implementation plan to work on the problem, review your progress and create an evaluation component that ensures sustainability. Businesses who have used this process have presented a number of leadership problems but they may include areas such as:

•   Developing or creating an effective Performance Management process that is directly linked to the vision and strategic goals of the business

•   Reviewing or creating people structures in growing and or changing businesses

•   Evaluating and or developing a complete cultural review of the organisation



Follow numerous business owners and senior executives who have used us to facilitate their personal journey to becoming more sophisticated leaders through our executive coaching offering.


The process is designed to be personal and completely bespoke to you personally and has integrity and confidentiality at the core.


We will look at your personal “wiring” though our incredibly successful profiling process, work on your personal leadership brand and determine exactly what you need to work on personally and in your business to be a more sophisticated influencer in the situations that you find yourself in, both internally and externally.


Making a positive and memorable personal impact is always one of the main focus points of the process.




Sometimes either as a result of Executive coaching that is being undertaken or purely by identifying a need outside of this, it becomes apparent that without some core leadership training, senior teams are not able to move forward. Their thinking and skill set needs to be challenged.


When this is identified, we offer a number of core leadership training sessions that can either be taken separately or mix and match them as part of a programme. We’re happy to discuss your needs and help you design a programme specifically for you that works for your team and business. They include areas such as:


•   Understanding personal wiring, leadership preference and sophisticated leadership communications

•   Making performance management directly linked to your vision

•   Succession planning and getting the most out of the talent in your organisation

•   Strategic networking with confidence and impact

•   Developing a sophisticated personal brand, profile and presentation of self


…..we do more! Please see the comments from our clients on the Testimonials Page.